Passport and Visa in Egypt

VISAS: Required by all except the following:
(a) nationals of Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Saudi Arabia, the Syrian Arab Republic and United Arab Emirates;
(b) those continuing their journey to a third country within 24 hours, provided holding confirmed tickets.
Note: (a) The amount of stay permitted in Egypt in which visa exemptions apply to such nationals varies. It is advised to contact the nearest Embassy/Consulate prior to travel to confirm the details. (b) Those in possession of a residence permit to Egypt are not required to obtain an Entry visa if they leave Egypt and return within the validity of their residence permit or within 6 months, whichever period is less.

Types of visa and cost:
Tourist and Business (single- and multiple-entry). Cost varies according to nationality.
Nationals of Canada, India, Norway, Pakistan and the UK: Tourist: 15 (single-entry); 18 (multiple-entry). Nationals of the UK: Business: 53 (single-entry); 91 (multiple-entry).
Nationals of Canada: Business: 40 (single-entry); 70 (multiple-entry).
Nationals of Germany pay a standard rate of 13 for visas of any type.
Nationals of the CIS, Denmark, the Russian Federation and USA pay a standard rate of 12 for visas of any type.
Nationals of Cyprus, Finland and Norway pay a reduced fee.
Nationals of South Africa: free of charge.
Payment of fees is in cash (personal applications) or by postal order only; cheques will not be accepted. Processing fees for other nationals vary considerably; check with the appropriate Consulate (or Consular section of Embassy) for cost of visas. Visa fees are per passport, not per person.

Note : Most nationals can obtain a visa at designated ports of entry, provided holding passports valid for a minimum of 6 months. The following nationals must always obtain a pre-arrival visa: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bosnia & Herzegovina, CIS, Croatia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Macau (SAR), Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of), Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, The Philippines, Serbia & Montenegro, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tunisia and all African countries. However, it is advised to check with the chosen airline whether nationals will be permitted to board the aircraft without a visa. It is always advisable to obtain visas in advance if possible.
Visa fees do not apply to:
(a) non-national spouses of Egyptian nationals;
(b) non-national members of the clergy, prominent scientists, journalists and members of official cultural, educational and sports delegations;
(c) non-national students studying in Egyptian institutions.

Validity: Varies, but are usually valid for 6 months from the date of issue for stays of up to 3 months. Visas cannot be post-dated. Visas can be extended (for over 1 month) 1 week before the end of the permitted stay in Egypt.

Application to: Consulate (or Consular section at Embassy); see Contact Addresses section.

Application requirements: Consulate (or Consular section at Embassy); see Contact Addresses section. Application requirements: (a) Passport valid for at least 6 months with at least one blank page. (b) Application form, completed and signed. (c) One recent passport-size photo. (d) Postal applicants must enclose a registered- or recorded-delivery, self-addressed envelope and pay by postal order only. (e) Fee, payable by cash or postal order. (f) Business letter for Business visa.

Working days required: Same day for personal applications; 7 days or more from day of receipt for postal applications. Processing may take longer (estimated 6 to 8 weeks) for the following nationals, who require pre-approval from the relevant authorities in Cairo: Algeria, Bangladesh, China (PR), Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Somalia, Sudan and Tunisia.

Note: Visitors from all countries except the EU and the USA must register with the police within 1 week of arrival in Egypt, although this service is usually undertaken by the hotel.

Remember : There are three types of Egyptian visa:
Tourist Visa: is usually valid for a period not exceeding three months and granted on either single or multiple entry basis.
Entry Visa: is required for any foreigner arriving in Egypt for purposes other than tourism, e.g. work, study, etc. The possession of a valid Entry Visa is needed to complete the residence procedure in Egypt.
Transit Visa.

Passport valid for at least 1 week beyond the period of intended stay required by all, however they must be valid for at least 6 months when actually applying for a visa.